• Image of Too Late 1

Too Late 1 layer version

This print is about the marketing schemes brands use to seduce us to buy more and more and more. We don’t need half the products they impose upon us. By creating limited editions and by having products available for a limited time only brands try to create momentum. Everyone including me is being tricked to buy fast and not to hesitate because otherwise the product might be gone.

For this print I’ve made three different versions; a one layer a two layer and a three layer version. The one layer version is printed in dark gold. The two layer version is printed in dark gold on a golden handpainted background. And the three layer version is printed in dark gold on a golden and white handpainted background. The prints are handled after being printed creating a whiped out aged effect making every print unique. All prints are signed and embossed

title Too Late (1 layer version)
edition size 7
printed on Hahnemuhle 300 gr paper
dark gold ink
hand finished details
singned and embossed
70 x 100 cm / 27,6 x 39,4 in

for more pictures please check: https://www.flickr.com/photos/perishablerush/