My Name is Perishable Rush I make collage art. I make both originals and screenprints. For my original works please check my website  www.perishablerush.com. My screenprints are handproduced in limited editions. New releases will be announced on a regular basis through my instagram page. More work and pictures are available on request or on my Flickr page.

About my name
For me the name Perishable Rush represents the current zeitgeist. The focus in society is on speed. We have to get rich and famous quickly and live up to the idealistic images imposed on us. We are hounded and driven to purchase things quickly otherwise we are too late. To be Successful quickly otherwise we are a failure. To make a profit quickly otherwise we are not doing well. Making a fast buck and greed reign.

About my work

The media impose unrealistic dream worlds upon us which we all have to live up to. Ideals of beauty are imposed on us. The media wants to make us believe that their vision of reality is the only correct one. Independence and a critical eye are often a long way off. Countries want to make us believe that they represent the conscience of the world, whereas they are the ones who created a monster that is Guantanamo Bay. The banks and the financial sector have pushed us to the edge of the abyss with their greed. Cash ruins everything around me. 

I have to respond to these illusions and events. I do that in the way that suits me best, through pictures. By expanding these visions and placing them next to each other it becomes clear how unreal, how absurd and how pointless they actually are. By placing these images next to contrasting ones a contrast and a duality is formed in my pictures. I deliberately look for this contrast and duality.

In my collages I make use of imagery from comics, photography, iconography, adverts and slogans. I re-arrange and edit these existing images to form new images and new meanings which represent my vision of reality. I sample and recreate existing images in order to create new ones. Recognisable and idiosyncratic.