• Image of Stars and Stripes

$tars and $tripes

Brands impose unrealistic dream worlds on us which we all have to live up to. These dreamworlds are forced upon us using punchlines, commercials and marketing schemes. For this print I used the imagery and punchlines from brands, comics, porn, fastfood and mixed them together. I recontextualised and used the punchlines to form sentences to show how ridiculous they are. Together and remixed they form the elements of the flag of the United States where capitalism and commercialism originated.

edition size 14
all prints are signed and numbered
printed on Arches 88 300 gr paper
hand painted details and stencil in silver paint
black silkscreen ink
74 x 48,5 cm / 29,1 x 19,1 in

More pictures of the print are up on my flickr page: flickr.com/photos/perishablerush/ or available upon request.